Turn your website into a secure windows app

Secure your web assets & protect client side code of your website. Block screen recording and all other apps.Basically turn the client’s computer into a Kiosk!!

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Grab your demo now

Website Kiosker is a private browser for your website that takes security to another level.

Always Updated

Since your website is served online, any changes on your website is instantly live on app as well.

Protect Client Code

Client can not see your website’s client-side code through view source or any other means!!

Lockdown Device

Nothing else runs on client’s computer as long as your website is running through Website Kiosker!

Fully Standalone

Our setup installs all the dependencies, so very fewer support requests. No separate third party software needed.

Block Screen Recorders

Screen Recorders & other apps are automatically killed. Your app takes full control.

Block Browser Dev Tools

No Developer Tools means no one can peek into your website’s security. Isn’t that awesome!!

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