Single user, Multiple Limits: Simplify WordPress Blogging with limit post by role plugin.

The Ultimate Solution for Managing Your WordPress Blog’s Publishing Schedule. Streamline Your Content Flow, Maintain Quality Standards, and Keep Your Team on Track!”

Key Features of  limit post by role

Post Limit Control

Set specific limits on the number of posts authors can publish weekly or monthly.

customize email

send individual emails to author and admin.  different customization available for every single author

Flexible Blocking

Choose between Hard Block to prevent further publishing or Soft Block to simply notify the author.

Real-Time Notifications

Administrators receive instant alerts when authors reach their publishing limit.

Customizable Settings

Tailor settings for different authors or roles directly from an intuitive backend interface

Detailed Reporting

Gain insights into publishing patterns and adjust strategies accordingly.

optimized design

So easy and understandable dashboard interface for management of post limits.

highly secure

regular updates and maintenance to address any issue and to improve functionality over time and make it secure.

highly secure

regular updates and maintenance to address any issue and to improve functionality over time and make it secure.

Performance optimization

Minimize resource usage to ensure fast loading times and efficient operation of the plugin.

How It Works

Simple Yet Effective:

Set Limits

Easily configure post limits for each author or role

Monitor Publishing

The plugin automatically tracks published posts against set limits.

Choose Your Action

Opt for either Hard Block or Soft Block when limits are reached.

Stay Informed

Get notified every time an author hits their limit, keeping you in complete control.


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Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers

about software interface and functions

The plugin will support adding multiple roles. The exact number may depend on the specific implementation and limitations of the plugin.
You can set individual limits for each role. The number of limits per role may depend on the customized design and settings of the plugin.
No, you will not be able to set the duration length in days through the plugin’s backend settings. It supports months, week, recently published.
The plugin works by allowing administrators to set limits on the number of posts authors can publish within a specified timeframe. Authors are either blocked from publishing new posts (hard block) or notified via email (soft block) when they reach their limit.
Yes, we provide the customization notification email option to customize the emails.
you can install the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository or by uploading the plugin files manually through the WordPress dashboard.
Yes, this plugin is very secure.
No, we do not provide free trail, but we have 7 days money refund. you try for 7 days and if you are not satisfied we will refund your money.
Yes,  we will do some customization on the plugin according to your need. but it will add on the cost related to your customization.
When an author reaches their limit, depending on the plugin settings, they will either be blocked from publishing new posts (hard block) or notified via email (soft block).
No, we can not edit the limit which is already set before we have to add new limits for that.
By default, the plugin may support email notifications. However, additional functionality for sending notifications via text message or WhatsApp would likely require integration with third-party services or custom development.
No,  the old blogs will not be deleted rather it will not be able to post new block according to the settings.
No, this is a well-coded plugin. it shouldn’t significantly affect site speed.

Yes, our Fee Management Software offers a convenient feature to check pending fees. You can easily view and track outstanding fee balances for students, ensuring efficient fee collection and management.

Depending on the plugin settings, if the author tries to publish the new post and it is blocked in the settings, the post will not be publish it will be saved in the draft. if it is not blocked in the settings the post will be publish and the author and admin will get notification email.

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