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OTPfy provides secure and reliable OTP services via email and SMS. Protect your users and enhance their authentication experience with our intuitive and easy-to-use plugin.

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Developers Friendly

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Reliable OTP Delivery

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OTP Delivery in 3-5 sec

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Social Login

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Customization Options

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Zero Server Load

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User-friendly Email/Sms OTP

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OTPfy is Affordable

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OTPfy with Woocommerce

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OTPfy has made user authentication a breeze for our website. The OTP delivery is lightning fast, and the customization options allow us to align it perfectly with our branding. Highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance security and user experience!

Richard Jeremy

We integrated OTPfy with our e-commerce site, and the results have been impressive. The support team was quick to assist during setup. The only reason I’m not giving it a full 5 stars is that I’d love to see more integration options with third-party plugins in the future.

Evan Hoffman

Affordable and effective! OTPfy delivers OTPs without a hitch. We’ve seen a significant reduction in fraudulent activities since implementing it. Great value for the price.

Alicia Regnier


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Frequently Asked Questions

OTPfy is a versatile authentication wordpress plugin designed to enhance the security of your website by adding One-Time Password (OTP) functionality. This plugin adds the functionality of password-less login for you and users of your website.

OTPfy integrates with your website to provide OTP generation, delivery (via email or SMS), and verification. Users receive OTPs on their chosen communication channel and enter them during the login or any other sensitive operation. OTPfy verifies the OTPs, allowing or denying access accordingly.

For SMS, currently only India is supported, while sending OTPs via email is supported worldwide.

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More than 95% of our SMS & Email are delivered within 2-3 seconds!! Isn’t that rocket speed!!

No, Otpfy have tied up with the best and premium SMS and Email providers so that your Otps are delivered to your users almost instantly. So we don’t allow integration with other providers.

Yes, this plugin integrates well with woocommerce’s default customer login and extends it to support login via otp seamlessly.

Yes, You can view delivery report for every OTP that is sent by going to ‘Logs’ tab in plugin settings.Your Content Goes Here

Not at all. We understand importance of a fast website, so we’ve offloaded 98% of the plugin’s functionality on to our servers, so your website can just focus of it’s own features and not worry about the otps.

SMS delivery is highly regulated by government authorities in most of the countries because of its sensitive nature.

Based on the country you want to send OTP to, there could be legal requirements imposed by the government and telecom authorities.
For example in India, all businesses should comply with DLT guidelines in order to send SMS (including OTP).

However, there is no such regulation for sending OTP via email.

Yes, we got you covered. This plugin exposes several php functions to send and verify otps through programming. Apart from this, it also exposes few actions and filters to customize the functionaloty and look.

We’ll send you GST invoice for every purchase done via Otpfy plugin. If you want to claim tax input credit, please email us your GSTIN details at [email protected].

Yes if you want to send OTP via SMS in India. We strongly recommend you to signup on any DLT platform and register your OTP templates. However, Otpfy have pre-approved OTP templates which you can use to implement OTP login on your wordpress websites.

We respect and strictly adhere to DLT guidelines and proactively work to prevent any possible misuse or exploit of the templates. Every account have hourly and daily limit in place unless they have their own DLT registration. We monitor every message that is sent through our platform to prevent and stop any misuse.

Absolutely! This plugin does not have any dependency on Woocommerce (or any other plugin) and works with vanilla wordpress installation.

No, as per Indian regulatory guidelines, businesses that are headquartered outside of India cannot use DLT to send sms to Indian users.

However, you can still use Otpfy to send OTP via Email.

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