Software Solutions

From inception to installation to maintanence

Lots of code to execute your business, support decisions and take it to that next level. A team of experts can help!

Web Marketing

A Netizen can't ignore you. They see you, Always!

Efective SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Bulk SMS, Voice SMS and every other kind of marketing available over web.

Training Solutions

Professional training for human resources

Get the humans be trained before they can work up with those machines. An expert can get your business run smoother than a novice one.

Maintenance Services

Give your IT infrastructure into right hands.

Computer Software and Hardware at businesses need proper pamper so that they can perform well all situations, no matter what.

What Clients Say

Strongly Recommended!!

I strongly remommend BT to whoever wants any technical thing done. They are real experts as well as professional in their work. -Mr. Lokesh, Director@HCP

Excellent Work

Over last 4 years, BT have proven their excellency by providing us best possible IT solutions for our company. -Mr. J. K. Agarwal, Director@ Sangram Fabrics

Simply Awesome..

I've became the fan of BT and their people for their awesome work. They know exactly what we want and how to get things done. -Mr. Nitin Agarwal, IT [email protected]

Playing with the bits

Beyond Perfection!

With Bitss Techniques, you can be pretty sure that the solutions you get are more that just perfect, they are tailored specifically to integrate with your business at the highest level of granularity.

Highly experienced consultants backed up with highly passionate technocrats ensures that your business get nothing but the best. What more is required for a flourishing business like yours?


Team of passionate technocrats

Everything your business will ever need

The "bird eye view", the "Big Picture" is what we've got. It's the vision and aspiration that drives us crazy to deliver the best possible. Don't believe it? Just give us a try and you'll know!!


Customized for You!

We know everything, you'll know it!

At Bitss Techniques, we understand that every business is different in its own entirety. A single solution cannot fit in every business and hence we create solutions which are also different in its own entirety.

A company with ethics

Bitss Techniques is an Indian software development &training company located in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. Indian cuture is a culture of traditions, values and ethics;so is Bitss Techniques. At Bitss Techniques, we focus less on business building, but more on healthy relation building.

Bitss Techniques is a Microsoft BizSpark startup. This means we get development and training support directly from Microsoft and its partners. Our primary platform of app development is Microsoft .Net, though we use other technologies as well.

Our Mission

To create innovative and intuitive products that remain useful for a common citizen for several decades(may be centuries).

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as a global player in IT. To have a considrable position in a common man's day to day routine.

Why IT?

Because this is all we're passionate about! This is what all of us done ever since we've known to self. Possibly, this is the only thing we are best at! Is an other reason required at all?

Why Training Solutions?

Probably, everyone in this world is very good at something. Imagine, if everyone starts spreading knowledge of what he is good at then what could be the possible outcome? No more "Bad Human Resource" problem in companies, no more "Unemployment" problem in this world! Ain't that sound amazing? We've closed our Training Solutions and there are not plans to resume it.

Okay, What have we done?

Well, there's a lot to mention. In fact, this is the only thing we've done: "Playing with the bits". We're busy living, feeling and playing with bits. Continously working to make those bits work for your business.

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Got any queries? We'll be glad to solve!!

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