Say goodbye to manual fee collection, Streamline Fee Collection with Our Comprehensive Solution.

Automate billing, offer secure online payment options, and generate digital receipts effortlessly.


Online Payment Portal

Provide students with a secure and convenient platform to pay fees online.

Automated Billing

Reduce manual effort and ensure accuracy with our automated billing process.

QR Code Based Fee Receipts

Generate QR code-based receipts instantly for easy authentication by college staff.

Fee Collection Reports

Access daily reports for auditing and record-keeping purposes.

Multiple Payment Methods

Offer flexibility with various payment options including UPI, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, and Wallets.

100% Safe & Secure

Rest assured with SSL encryption, robust authentication, and regular security updates.

Reprint Option with OTP 

Students can securely reprint receipts with OTP-based authentication.

5 Forms Available

Collect fees and print receipts for 5 different types of forms as mandated by the university

Benefits for College

Streamlined Fee Collection Process

Optimizing fee collection with a simplified process, enhancing efficiency and financial transparency for all stakeholders.

Improved Financial Transparency

Empowering stakeholders with accessible and accurate financial information, Improved Financial Transparency drives organizational efficiency and integrity.

Enhanced Digital Presence

Maximize your online impact with our Enhanced Digital Presence solutions, tailored to elevate your brand's visibility and engagement.

Reduced Administrative Overhead

Simplified procedures, digital tools, and optimized workflows alleviate administrative overhead, boosting productivity.

benefits for students

Convenience of Online Payments

Effortlessly handle purchases, bills, and transfers from the comfort of your device

Quick & Easy Payment

Experience seamless convenience with Quick & Easy Payment, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions

Digital Fee Receipts

Digital Fee Receipts: Streamlining payment records for convenient access and organization

Variety of Payment Options

Providing a variety of payment methods caters to different preferences and needs, optimizing conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Easy Reprint of Receipts

Streamlined Receipt Reprints: Making Duplicate Records Simple


documents required for payment gateway registration

  • College PAN Card
  • Canceled Cheque
  • Authorized Signatory  PAN/Aadhar
  • Authorization Letter (if Principal is  not an authorized signatory)
  • University or UGC Affiliation Letter

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